Plan and Colours

Final Floor Plans
We changed the layout of the main bathroom to give ourselves a seperate toilet, and also extended the alfresco concrete area out by 2m. We added in some extra doors that didn't come as standard.


  1. Hi

    I am building Drysdale 27

    Just wonder if you have the upgrades list you did for your beautiful house ?


    1. Thanks Steven. There were many upgrades. Most of wish were from the display options list - kellyville display. Are there things in particular you are wanting to upgrade? certain rooms?

    2. yeah I was a little bit confuse about the ensuite vanity mirror, and the main bathroom cabinet and its mirror. I am not sure if what the standard are and the upgrade options

      And the shelving for the WIP as well. They quote the similar shelving in the display homes for $5000.00 . That is just too much for me.

      Did you upgrade these area ? Would you mind upload some pictures please ?

      thanks a lot Renee

    3. Ensuite & Bathroom - Vanity 2 Basins and 2 separate mirrors above the basin. I removed a basin and made the mirror one big mirror to fill the space. The main bathroom mirror is also just a mirror the width of the vanity over the sink. I upgraded the mirrors for $443 all up.

      You can have what ever look you want in the bathrooms. I wanted to make sure that all the tiles and mirrors lined up to create even lines. You can choose where you want the tiles and how high up, you can choose the thickness of the tile skirting - i think min is 15cm. but i wanted a full tile height once again to keep the lines nice and clean. You can choose where you want the basins, Its very flexible and i found cooks plumbing the best to deal with and upgrade costs minimal.

      WIP - Standard is just wire shelving. We left it. You're right the upgrade cost is so high, i think at the time to just get the 4 shelves in melamine was a $800 upgrade. I still have the wire racking. it works ok. but one day would like to get it fit out properly.

    4. Thanks Renee , thats really helped .

    5. Hi Renee,
      Your house is looking fabulous. We are building Lawson 23Mk with Eden Brae and my façade look exact to your house. We are thinking of having a same colour as your external colour. Can we have your street name and place to see the house as we are due to give our brick choice in few days. We will be grateful for this. My email ID is

      Many thanks